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Accolades for Tim Noah Thumbnail Theater

I want to thank you for the great open mic that you put on at the theater. It may be the best I've seen, an authentic community gathering. It was a treat to be there. You have done a fabulous job.

See you next time.

My night at The Thumb was as good as it could possibly get. I had such a great time with that audience, the conversation and stories, the songs and the rich, beautiful sound of the room. My guitars sounded like grand pianos and my voice was so clear and resonant to my ears that I was able to really just play inside it and let my melodies take all kinds of new shapes and motions.

The Thumb is a beautiful, quaint place that welcomes you the minute you drive up and see it. You and your staff have done such a great job of creating a friendly, loving and artistic environment. And everyone on staff, volunteers, etc., was kind and helpful and eager to help me with anything I needed.


Please thank everyone for me. I look forward to returning.

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Blessing to Snohomish

God bless you guys and what you do - June 2017 

We certainly appreciate the musical and cultural positive influence you have had on our community. Thanks for helping our grandchildren venture into and grow in their love of music! What a blessing you are to Snohomish.

Karen Berner



Karen - Adventures in Learning


Tim Noah's Big Trouble - March 25, 2015

I took my Daycare/Preschool to the performance, and they loved it. It held their attention the entire time. My kids always love the interactive style of Tim's shows. They love dancing and getting up on stage. The kids in the performance did a great job. We have been to several programs here and it a great outing for daycares, preschools and families.



Enjoyed Country Music in Snohomish

Thank you for the beautiful concert yesterday. As I mentioned, your theatre is so perfect for such music.

One of the assets of your theatre is its location: in a beautiful old part of a beautiful old town by the river, just up the hill a bit from the "bustling" 1st St. With yesterday's 4PM concert time, we were able to browse and shop on 1st St and stroll on the river walk beforehand, and then return after the concert for a pint and dinner. For people who long for the country, a Snohomish visit such as this is pretty perfect. And what better way to enjoy real country music than really being in the country?  I wish you all the best and look forward to visiting again.


Joy-full and Meaningful


It has been a joy-full and meaningful experience working with Tim Noah Thumbnail Theater. I have come to value it personally for the chance to be part of something important, and for the impact it has on our community. The staff and volunteers provide artistic and creative opportunities and demonstrate positive, uplifting and encouraging attitudes in everything they do.


My involvement at "The Thumb" includes volunteering my services as Music Director and musician in the recent Kaddywompas Holiday Radio Show and acting as host of the Jazz and Blues Jam Session for all ages and levels. I have also been a consultant and performer for several other Thumbnail Theater musical productions over the past few years.


I feel Tim Noah Thumbnail Theater and the core group of individuals who make it happen, play an important role in bringing our community together with art and education. What can be more important than that?


Ted Lombard
Music Educator/Musician
Board President The Interfaith Association of North West Washington
Past President Snohomish County Music Teachers Association



Tim Noah


To Whom It May Concern,


Tim Noah has been teaching my daughter, Katrina, piano and voice lessons for over three years. Originally he came to Shoreline where we live, and gave Katrina and another family lessons. Since the Thumbnail Theater has been formed, we now drive to Snohomish for her lessons once a week.


Tim is such a shining example of what an instructor can be- honest, principled, and so extremely talented! He is passionate about his music and is able to teach his students to have confidence in their abilities.

He has shown Katrina how capable she is and that her possibilities are unlimited. A few weeks ago, she sang at the Farmers Market in Snohomish. The next day she sang the National Anthem in front of 300 people at the Enumclaw AKC Dog Show.

The performances, lessons and open mic sessions at the Thumbnail Theater are a great resource. Snohomish is very fortunate to have such an accomplished musician and such a great theater!

Carol J. Young


Something Truly Unique in the Pacific Northwest

Dear Tim and Board Members,

Our family would like to thank you for the many special, unique services and opportunities you are creating in our community. What you have specifically offered to our son Ryan, who has autism, is priceless - you have given him an environment in which to explore his talents and just be happy.

You offer something truly unique in the Pacific Northwest! You are fostering a spirit of musicianship, excellence, love of theater and performance, and real sense of community. You provide a gathering place for many devoted musicians who have nowhere else to play.

If there is one thing I've learned in my years as a business person, it's that savvy leaders do not simply give money to organizations - rather, they invest generously in talented people who have the vision and drive to make dreams come true. Tim and Cyndi (Thumbnail Theater's Artistic Directors) are already helping to make dreams happen in Snohomish. Our community needs to invest in them.

May 2009 bring many blessings for the wonderful, ongoing work that you do!

Sincerely, Katherine Rowe 

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