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Norma Kvarda

Norma Kvarda holds a BFA, an MFA in technical theatre/design, and a Master in teaching with a WA state teaching credential. .

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My Story

She's taught preschool, mentoring at-risk youth within an arts setting, teaching undergraduate drama students, directing and designing inclusive model middle and high school theatrical productions as well as tutoring adults through an adult literacy program. She's currently an interventionist, through the state’s learning assistance program at Ruby Bridges Elementary in the Northshore school district. Her formal classroom experience is in its third year, and she's had experience as a theatrical teaching artist and arts advocate for over three decades. In every project, she emphasizes equity, collaboration, social/emotional benefits, executive functioning, and emphasizes her role as a facilitator of the students' learning experience. Approaching the practice as learner-centered has led to deeper understandings that are long lasting and also to deeper joy


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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