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Joy Lobb

Experience/Background:  UW in theater 1993-97 - 19 years experience working with youth (7 years in youth theater)

Joy's Philosophy


Theatre as a career is not for everyone. But theatre as a place to learn about yourself, stretch to meet new goals and exercise your creativity in a world that often doesn’t allow such space, is for everyone. Children, especially, can benefit so much from what theatre has to offer.  Our children’s theatre class is a safe space for kids to laugh, focus, interact, create, learn and perform. 


Performance benefits both the performer and the audience who can learn to be supportive and encouraging towards those taking risks.  Each day at class there will be a mix of games with elements of acting. We will have activities that allow for a cycle of experimentation - feedback - refinement and then, finally, opportunities for performing in front of the group - either with others or individually. For younger kids, the mix will lean more heavily on games and moments of acting instruction, and also include time to share with the group.  Older grades will focus on an even mix of games, experimentation, acting instruction and also performance. Each session will end with a showcase of things the kids have worked on during class.  

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Emily Herivel

Musical Director

Emily is a graduate of Pacific Lutheran University where she studied vocal and instrumental music, music education, and ethnomusicology, earning her BA in Vocal Performance. Ms. Herivel has been honored to perform as both a soloist and ensemble member with the Choir of the West, PLU Opera, PLU Choral Union, Cora Voce, Bellevue Opera, City Opera Ballet, The Dickens Carolers, Washington State Choristers Guild, and Choral Arts Northwest. Currently, she is Artistic Director of the Snohomish County Youth Chorus, a member of the Epiphany Parish Schola choir, and teaches private lessons in voice, trumpet, and piano. Ms. Herivel has been teaching music professionally since 2006. 

Emily's Philosophy 


I believe every person is born with the joy of music inside them.  Whether or not an individual thinks of themself  as "talented" is irrelevant: as the old proverb goes, "if you can talk, you can sing: if you can walk, you can dance".  I strive to work with each student's unique gifts and talents to help them grow and learn and achieve their full potential as a musician. It is my hope that my students will learn not only to make music confidently and proficiently, but to tap into that inner joy that feeds creativity and self-expression. I encourage everyone to make a joyful noise! 

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