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Friday Night Open Mic

Live Friday Night Open Mic will return on June 4, 2021

Tim Noah Thumbnail Theater hopes everyone is staying safe and well during this challenging time. The Thumb remains closed to public events. As soon as it is safe and allowed, our Friday Night Open Mics will resume.

Stay safe and well, and we wish you the very best. We can't wait to open the doors again and gather for the sharing of music, laughter, and the joy of the performing arts.


With love, from everyone at Tim Noah Thumbnail Theater

Thumbnail Theater Open Mic is all ages and family friendly.


Doors open at 6:30 pm.  Performers may sign up between 6:30 and 7:15 pm.

(or earlier, when there are 22 performers on the list).

  • Sign-up: 6:30 - 7:15

  • Showtime: 7:30

  • Suggested Donation: $5 General, $3 Performer

FNOM - Friday Night Open Mic at The Thumb


Rick works at the bank and loves making music with his friends.

Dawn is a welder in her early twenties who writes great songs and

raises the rafters with her powerhouse vocals. David retired from

teaching and now plays guitar, harmonica and sings in The Shed Players

- a band he started with friends he made here on Friday night. Greg Deer

loves to sing Jesse Winchester songs and is happy to play guitar and

accompany the high school girl who wants to sing a Norah Jones tune.

Vic and Doreen drive up from Edmonds to sing-a-long and listen 'cause

you never know who might show up to "Wow the crowd."


What do they all have in common? It's FNOM - Friday Night Open Mic at The Thumb!

FNOM Guidelines - To Keep it Cozy:

  • Each act is featured for a 2 song set or 8 minutes (spoken intros are considered part of your set)

  • Solo performers, duos, trios and ensembles are considered one act and should plan to be featured for one two-song set;

  • The order of appearance is determined by a random drawing;

  • Singers, songwriters, instrumentalists, poets, storytellers, etc. are all welcome;

  • All content must be family-friendly (suitable for all ages);

  • Providing accompaniment for others is encouraged but please avoid being on stage multiple times during the evening;

  • To keep the show moving along, please keep your technical needs as simple as possible (necessary audio equipment and a piano are provided);

  • Audience members, please try to wait until the end of a set or for a break between songs to exit the auditorium;

  • Please support and encourage others by staying to listen to their set;

  • When it's time for your set, please be present and prepared.



Thank you,


The Board of Directors
Tim Noah Thumbnail Theater

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