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In Fond Memory of Our Dear Friend David Maloney


Reilly & Maloney played a pivotal role in the evolution of TNTT. They were the first act with considerable notoriety to perform a full on concert at our venue.  It was a big deal for us. Ginny and David were Northwest folk icons - a genuine class act. They were exacting about what they wanted. There were no frills. The guitars were to be mic’d, never plugged in. Their rich vocals and guitar interplay blended perfectly to create a sound that was warm, delicate, beautiful and sincere. 


I remember Ginny fondly commenting on stage about how our venue reminded her of the old Silver Spoon in Duvall.  David always had a kind word for everyone, expressing appreciation for the acoustics, our volunteer staff and cozy home atmosphere.  


They filled the house, came back, did it again and helped put us on the map.  It was an honor to be included on the Reilly and Maloney farewell tour. Happy trails, David Maloney! You, your sweet baritone, and the extraordinary way you and Ginny enveloped an audience with your beautiful harmonies and acoustic guitars will be long and lovingly remembered.


Tim Noah

Artistic Director

Tim Noah Thumbnail Theater

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